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About Me. The Story.

The Garden Birdhouse is a miniature of this Garden Shed

My mother started her business after raising five children in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Her custom garden sheds,, enhance many beautiful gardens today and are featured in several books.

A customer asked if Mom's Williamsburg design (left photo) could be made into a birdhouse. Mom gave me the project (she's famous for projects) and I made the prototype.


Sometime later,  my son's school was having its annual holiday greens sale. I was asked to do a centerpiece (right photo) for the school farmhouse table. The theme was birds.  Perfect! I did a topiary garden around the birdhouse with little Holly trees, moss and winter berries.

At the time, I wasn't really thinking of selling the birdhouse. To my surprise, the greens sale patrons were enchanted with the birdhouse! My Garden Birdhouses business was hatched!

Simply put, my birdhouses make people happy...  and the birds too!

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